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Distracted Driving Epidemic

Distracted driving is an epidemic in America and it's the worst among teens.

  • 80%
    Of all crashes involve some form of distracted driving.
  • 1 in 5
    Injury accidents involve distracted driving.
  • 1.6
    Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.
  • 4X
    Teens are four times more likely to get into a distracted driving accident than their parents.
  • 11
    Teen drivers die every day while texting and driving.
  • 23X
    Distracted Drivers are 23X more likely to cause an accident.


RoadReady Family's technology eliminates the temptation to talk, text, email and surf the web while driving.

Disables texting while driving. Sends a custom auto-reply to all incoming texts and holds all texts until vehicle stops.
Automatically sends incoming calls to voice mail.
Launches whenever the vehicle is moving.
Sends real time alerts if tampered with or disabled and real time alerts to parents or companies when the device is over ridden.
Monitors driving habits, including speeding. Parents and companies can set speed limit alerts.
Allows driver to be located at the push of a button.
With “Always On” technology, there is simply no “on” button. Get in the car, start the engine, begin to drive and RoadReady Family is ready to act.
Allows the use of the vehicle’s hands-free and other Bluetooth devices to make and receive phone calls. Parents can restrict hands-free use if necessary.
Web based dashboard with full reporting available.
Android and Apple IOS compatible.


RoadReady Family prevents distracted driving through a combination of technologies. First, there is a device installed on the vehicle. Then, an app is downloaded to the driver's smartphone, and the smartphone number is added to the account. The device interacts with the phone app to restrict phone usage that can lead to distractions.


Easy Setup

Parents or business owners can create a RoadReady Family Account, add the mobile phone numbers for any drivers to your Account, and a link will be quickly sent to the device to download the RoadReady Family app.

easy installation

Once the RoadReady Family app is installed on the mobile device, all you need to do is place the transponder in your vehicle. We recommend under the driver’s seat or in the center console. There are no tools required.

easy customization

Check account settings, define your distracted driving policy, monitor your drivers performance, obtain reports, and so forth. You have the flexibility with your on-line account to set what your drivers can and cannot do while driving. For example, you might let them access music, the phone to receive calls from specific numbers, or a navigation app so they don’t get lost. However, you don’t want them accessing social media, text messaging, or other features that would create excessive distractions. This is quite easy to do in your RoadReady Family on-line account.

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DriveAlertNow was developed by Text Free Enterprises and affiliates. Their proprietary mobile messaging platform offers a suite of solutions for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company's most significant consumer technology is designed to give parents peace of mind when it comes to the most serious danger a child may encounter: Distracted Driving. Because the device utilizes Bluetooth it is always on while the car is in motion to provide superior protection by blocking incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

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