4 Ways to Stop Texting While Driving Before It Starts

Our society is built upon the latest and greatest forms of technology. We want to receive and send information quickly. You send a letter in the mail or an actual invite and you may receive mockery from your friends.

disable texting while driving

We want everything NOW!

This mentality is affecting how we interact, drive, and is specifically having an impact on our youth. Perhaps we remember the “good old days” where we engaged in conversation, but the youth of our generation today seem glued to their electronics – phones, iPads, tablets, etc. This “need” to stay tuned in, is drastically impacting our social skills and ability to focus on important tasks at hand.

You see it all the time. Parked at a red light and the driver next to you, in front of you, and probably behind you are all on their phones, either texting or talking. The light turns green and they haven’t yet removed their eyes from the screen of their phones – then the agitated driver honks – so-on and so- forth.

According to cellcontrol.com, teens make up most drivers on the roadways today and this group sends at least 60 text messages a day! Now, while the warnings are out about texting and driving, not all, even adults, heed this advice. However, it is more dangerous for teens because they are new drivers. In fact, again, as stated on cellcontrol.com, research studies indicate that a driver’s eyes are off the road for at least five seconds when sending or responding to a text and/or social media alert.

Guess what? It only takes a fraction of a second for an accident to occur.

So how do we help protect our young new drivers?

  • Have them silence their cell phones when driving to eliminate the temptation to respond.
  • Lock their phones with a phrase that will be a visual reminder not to use the phone while driving.
  • Tell them to throw the phone in the trunk while driving or out of sight. As the adage goes – out of sight out of mind, right?

Sure, the above could help, but these take a conscious effort from the individual. Along with added self-control which, let’s be real, even some adults still struggle with.

But one of the better options may be to combat a problem with technology by turning around and using technology. By utilizing a technology feature that acts as a failsafe, as a parent, you can now take matters into your own hands. For instance, a system like the RoadReady Family system utilizes multiple tools such as: disabling text while driving, launching automatically when vehicle is in motion, monitoring driving habits, offering web-based dashboard that is accessible online with full reporting available, automatically sends calls to voicemail, has real-time alerts, allows driver to be located at the push of a button, and is customizable so you can determine what your driver is permitted to do when driving. A system like this that is automatic when the engine starts makes RoadReady Family the clear choice as the only one that shuts down the particular problem.

The reality is that technology is only advancing and it is a large part of this generation, but that doesn’t mean that we, as parents, are rendered helpless. There are systems available to help us keep our teens safe. We just must be proactive, take matters into our own hands and do a little research.

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DriveAlertNow was developed by Text Free Enterprises and affiliates. Their proprietary mobile messaging platform offers a suite of solutions for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company's most significant consumer technology is designed to give parents peace of mind when it comes to the most serious danger a child may encounter: Distracted Driving. Because the device utilizes Bluetooth it is always on while the car is in motion to provide superior protection by blocking incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

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