Distracted Driving is an Epidemic

Distraction Epidemic | No Texting While Driving App

As our cars become safer due to all the technology used to protect us, there may be the perception that we as drivers are also becoming safer. Recent studies show that nothing could be further from the truth.

Auto insurer Everquote compiled data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and determined that traffic fatalities rose over 7 percent for the greatest increase in 50 years. Over 35,000 fatalities occurred in 2015, with an estimated 10 percent occurring from distracted driving.

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Distracted driving is defined as any non-driving activity which takes attention away from the road ahead. Eating, drinking, adjusting a radio, setting navigation systems, using mobile phones, reading paperwork, putting on makeup, interacting with other passengers, dealing with children in the back seat, reaching for objects in another part of the car, and so on all contribute to the issue of distracted driving. There is no way to determine which behavior occurs in many accidents and fatalities, but mobile phone use can be checked by obtaining phone records. Every time a driver gets a phone call or a text, their attention can be taken away from the road for several seconds at a time. This can be deadly.

Everquote’s research involved a survey of many of their policyholders, and one striking conclusion was reached. Although a great majority of drivers felt they were safe when driving, over half admitted using a mobile phone while driving. Everquote was also able to glean data from the use of their mobile app, and found that 96 percent of their drivers had used the phone at least once in the previous 30 days. Drivers averaged about one call per trip, and the calls averaged a distraction of almost a half-mile for every 11 miles driven. Their survey didn’t differentiate between a call or text, simply that the phone was used, but the results were still alarming.

With the continuing trend of car manufacturers adding more infotainment systems in cars for a variety of audio, navigation, and hands-free phone communication, the increase in traffic fatalities may be an indication that drivers are spending more time messing with their cars than driving them. These statistics also show that active and passive safety systems increasingly used in cars today can only do so much to protect passengers, and the driver must remain in control of the car and aware of the traffic ahead and around them.

RoadReady Family is the only way to stop mobile phone use in a moving vehicle. If you are a parent with a teenage driver, you can control their casual phone use while driving with RoadReady Family. The app will permit you to set criteria for phone use when in a moving vehicle, but doesn’t restrict emergency calls. RoadReady Family can also be useful for business owners who don’t want their drivers distracted by phone usage in their company vehicles. Check out RoadReady Family for a fast solution to mobile phone usage.

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DriveAlertNow was developed by Text Free Enterprises and affiliates. Their proprietary mobile messaging platform offers a suite of solutions for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company's most significant consumer technology is designed to give parents peace of mind when it comes to the most serious danger a child may encounter: Distracted Driving. Because the device utilizes Bluetooth it is always on while the car is in motion to provide superior protection by blocking incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

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