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Welcome to RoadReady Family! RoadReady Family is a phone app that prohibits dangerous uses of a mobile phone while driving, such as texting, talking, emailing, and surfing the Internet. It is ideal for company use to monitor employees, or for parental use to monitor young drivers. RoadReady Family prevents distracted driving with customizable tools and controls and can send alerts and scores so you know how your employees or children have been driving. Another feature of RoadReady Family are trip maps that highlight the road where the vehicle was driven.

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RoadReady Family works by detecting when the vehicle is in motion. There are settings that can allow a passenger to use a mobile phone while in a moving vehicle. RoadReady Family can be used on a variety of phones, including Android, Apple and Windows. It is also possible for some non-smart phones to utilize RoadReady Family.

RoadReady Family can monitor driving with alerts and scores that can be sent to you. It monitors speed, acceleration, braking habits and turning. If you are a parent, RoadReady Family gathers the information so you can sit down with your teenager and talk through ways to improve driving to ensure maximum safety for passengers and other people on the road. For companies utilizing RoadReady Family, driver performance data can help determine ways to reduce vehicle-operating costs and increase safety while on the road. A Driver Score can also be calculated so positive or negative trends can be identified and you can see how improvement was made.

The National Safety Council estimates that there are over 1,600,000 vehicle accidents per year that are caused by texting while driving, which is nearly 25% of all car accidents. If you are the parent of a teenager or the owner of a company, RoadReady Family can give you piece of mind. Contact our no texting while driving company today at 800-591-1992 to ask any questions and to get started today!

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DriveAlertNow was developed by Text Free Enterprises and affiliates. Their proprietary mobile messaging platform offers a suite of solutions for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company's most significant consumer technology is designed to give parents peace of mind when it comes to the most serious danger a child may encounter: Distracted Driving. Because the device utilizes Bluetooth it is always on while the car is in motion to provide superior protection by blocking incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

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